Why Siargao Will Cause Major Sepanx

imageAmongst all the islands I have set foot on, Siargao holds a special place in my heart. I have poured subtle hints of these sentiments on my guest post at Island Trotters. Even so, I find that my euphoric memories of Siargao need a page in my own blog. [So, here it goes.]

Cloud 9 is “the place to be” for surfers and wannabe surfers like me. No fear, no insecurities; everyone would feel welcome here. (Not telling you my surfing mishaps. :P)image

As if I haven’t said this a million times already, it’s a place that makes you feel at home, even on your first visit. I might need some help finding words to describe the comfort and peace of mind this island offers..but if words aren’t enough, it’s best to experience it yourself.

You arrive unaware of what might come your way; you get out with a completely new perspective. That change is always good.

And if that’s exactly what your soul is yearning for, get off this page and pack your bags! But read on first oy!

The overall vibe will haunt you forever. In a good way.

I have to say this island is all about the laid-back vibes. The tropical island, easy-going people and relaxed neighborhood make for a list of great must-tries, from drinking coconut juice while lying on a surfboard to walking around the streets barefoot. Riding a motor (not habal-habal, but you, in your swimsuit, driving) is the norm here. People are used to it. Take your pet crocodile with you on a motorcycle -it’s okay. You’re simply here to do your thang!imageimageimage

Siargao unleashes the island girl/boy in you

Tousled hair. Sun-kissed skin (or i’d prefer to call it tan to avoid cliche beach quotes LOL). And of course, the beaded bracelet collection. I am completely convinced that I was born to stay on this island. Uh-oh, fear of separation starts to sink in.

Don’t forget every golden hour, you always reserve a spot by the beach to get a perfect view of the ball of light swiftly sinking in the water. Another day on the island has ended. Y u do dis to me, Siargao?

“The effect of traveling isn’t instantaneous, but one day you wake up and realize your perspective has altered entirely”



But then, there’s always cold nights and beer

Who said this shouldn’t make it to the list? Get out!

Cloud 9 houses a selection of small resorts – each of them offering different ways of spending your night. There are karaoke bars, BBQ’s, high-end restaurants and the “i just want to have a drink” bars. There’s basically a place for anyone.

Note: I highly recommend this restaurant at Ocean 101 Breeze Bar. They have perfect spots to hang out and a drink that will betray you. It’s called Jungle Juice, a mixture of rum, vodka, gin, mango, melon, pineapple, betrayal and who knows?! It screams “I’m a healthy fruit smoothie! drink me!” But after an hour, “LOL JK”

Island hopping proves there’s more to the already perfect island

“What??!!?! There’s more???” I cried as I checked the itinerary that we had two more days left to explore the island. Off we went, and I continued crying. I can’t fathom the beauty of both the little island with coconut trees sprouting everywhere and the world underneath that makes NOT BREATHING just fine with me.imageimageimage

At this point, I couldn’t care less about the sunblock that was completely washed off from my skin. Just let me capture every angle of Dako island, please! Thank you!

The best part: Surfing teaches more than physical stunts

You will never feel bad about the many times you’ve fallen off the surfboard because just by knowing you stood a couple of times makes everything seem possible. In reference to life in general, you will always experience countless falls before you stand up in victory. I guess that triumphant feeling you get when you stand tall on the board against the strong waves makes the experience one-of-a-kind. And maybe that’s why Siargao is a place I will always hold dear.

I apologize for the sudden shift to a serious tone. That’s separation anxiety fully kicking in.


I’m sure I failed to mention a lot more tourist attractions. Blame the little time I had there. So that would be your story to tell. I wasn’t able to visit the cave. I’d love to know about it in the comments. 🙂

Siargao websites to explore:

More activities:
Visit the Sohoton Cove at Bucas Grande
Swim in the natural infinity pools at Magpupungko Beach
Visit the Taktak Falls

Point 303 (where we stayed)
Happy Gecko Siargao Backpackers Hostel
Ocean Pacific Inn
Paglaom Hostel
Ocean 101

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