Why is Bo’s Coffee’s Start: A Creativity Journal A Must-Have

If you’ve been collecting Bo’s journals for the last couple of years, you are likely to fall even deeply in love with the new 2016 journal. Expectations are certainly met as Bo’s does not only focus on one form of art. Remember a few years back when they released a doodle book? The game has drastically changed this year with five frickin’ creative pursuits. That’s why I have my vote for this piece of treasure.

Here are a number of reasons every artist and aspiring artist should have Bo’s Coffee’s Start: A Creativity Journal.

1. Paint with coffee

Do you get irritated by coffee stains on your table or place mat? That’s about to change now when you see Vincent Navarro’s artwork and read his tips about creating art through coffee painting. The next time you have coffee stains on your desk, you’ll be tempted to grab a brush and start painting your own coffee art.


2. Typography

I’m sure you saw this coming! In this generation of calligraphy art everywhere, it’s not exclusive for anyone not to try. For an opportunity to try your hands on typography, turn to the green pages of your journal where you’ll find all the basics listed down for you. Go forth and let your hands do the talking.


3. Phoneography

In the era of Smartphones, it is not a surprise that photography has developed so much that even through your phone, art is possible to do. It’s time to step up your Instagram game as IGers Manila shares useful tips for better Instagram pictures.


4. Sketching

If you want to take your art skills to the next level, engage yourself in sketching. Jayneil Padilla teaches the best tips for beginners.


5. Latte Art

If all four artistic mediums aren’t enough, Bo’s offers a short Latte art lesson (with pictures). After years of brewing fresh coffee using beans from our own land, it is a privilege to finally learn a thing about how they make their coffee.


6. Customizable

The front cover is a plain white canvas with some gold tribal designs. They purposely made it into a large white space and a canvas fit for scribbles and painting. Feel free to sketch and color your own art to make it your own.


7. Freebies

Aside from the endless ways of brewing creativity, it is the coupons that we look forward to every year! Get free coffee and try their pastries for free! Also, they give a free slice of cheesecake on your birthday! Yay!


8. Your homegrown brew challenge

Creative block is every artist’s enemy. That’s one reason we fail to meet deadlines and end up doing other things. Fear not because you’ll find creative solutions for a fresher outlook and newer ideas in this journal.


9. Inspirational pages

Creativity starts with finding inspiration and unlocking the most important senses. Search through the first and last few pages to find useful exercises to extract your most creative juices.



10. How has it helped you?

Let me know how else does the START journal help brew your best year?


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