Vlog: Middleground

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What happens when you are naturally boyish and you dress yourself to look like your gender? I’m sure as hell not the only one in the same situation. Although finding the right clothing style for me is fun and exciting, i find it equally challenging considering the fact that my fascination for fashion styles are not limited to just one (because people can easily equate a loud or boyish personality to having a tomboy fashion style). But hey, I also love minimalism and street style! Like they say, you can always wear whatever you want! Just work on finding the middleground.

I can wear baggy sweatshirts today and wear a tiny jumper dress the next day like this one..because I want to!

here’s me being me in any girly outfit! LOL. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel! 🙂

What I wore:

Brown corduroy jumper dress – Copper

Black and White stripes cropped tee and shades – Forever 21

Black shoes – Topshop

Bandana – Terranova

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