Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

  1. Whoever said only girls receive gifts on Valentine’s Day has surely never experienced the fun twist of reciprocating the deed. It’s about time to show how much he means to you by giving hilarious and cool gifts. With the help of research and my out-of-this-world ideas, here are next-level presents you should give him:

    1. The Manly Bucket

    After asking a few men about their gift preferences, most of them would rather receive things that are essential to them. Gather some daily necessities like perfume, hair wax, socks and a watch. Ask yourself; What makes him feel manlier?
    What’s in the bucket?
    • Gucci perfume for special occasions
    • Axe body spray for regular days
    • Casio watch so he can grind daily like Walter White
    • Swiss knife because he can still be a boy scout, but with an edge!
    • Boxers because undies are his bestfriend
    • Dark Matter soap for his tattoo maintenance

2. A fashion staple
Today’s fashion embraces everything versatile and basic. You will never go wrong with a plain tee or a pullover that can last a lifetime. These pieces will go a long way like your love for him.
• Sweater: Oxygen

3. A game hidden in a Twilight book
I know this is going a bit extreme but you may want to troll your man every once in a while right? A gamer is going to be pretty happy with a newly released game, but not for a few seconds! Grab an old book you know he would rather die than read, position the game on a page in the middle and trace the edges using a cutter. Throw away the cut pages and insert the game in place. Do it neatly and you won’t give any clue. Watch his reaction!

4. A jar of chocolates
If you happen to be with a guy who has a sweet tooth, why not spoil him with chocolates? If the twilight book prank isn’t enough, go paste a sweet message on the jar saying “Eat sh*t” or whatever pleases your hungry trolling soul.

5. Stalker tapes
Imagine the usual scenes from suspense movies where the victim discovers her stalker’s collection of her stolen shots, her belongings and even her hair strand!! Add a little thrill to your partner’s life by doing similar make-believe collections, with labels of course! My attempt at it is old school tapes, which are obviously obsolete, but who cares? I’m here to have fun! I placed labels like “John talking in his sleep” and “John singing in the shower” with random dates and times the event supposedly happened. Inside the tape cases are actually chocolates and a sweet note. 🙂 Go try this!


6. GC’s from his favorite store
Sometimes men would rather pick clothes for themselves. If you’re not completely sure about your choices, it is economically wise to just hand him a GC.
Get your GC at Memo stores

Have fun giving him the most epic gift everrr!! 😉 Advance Happy Valentine’s Day!