The Black Swan: Halloween Makeup Tutorial

The visual power of makeup has been proven since time immemorial. Nowadays, it has helped make films even more compelling by effortlessly making even the weirdest of characters come to life.

I have always been fascinated by the beauty and transformative power of this creative art.

The characters and personalities makeup has created have been numerous but few have captivated my interest as much as the dark, mystical and spellbinding Black Swan.

Armed with my strong fascination, my willingness to experiment and express myself, I attempted to create my own version of the eye makeup. While I’m still finding my way around as far as makeup goes, I tested how far my creativity can take me and it turned out I was actually pleased with the result. I ended up looking spooky as hell!!!

While Halloween is pretty much just around the corner, this just might be the perfect character to get into.

(I initially wanted to make a photo-based tutorial, but I decided to put a brief list for clearer instructions.)

1) Start by putting the usual makeup starter―the foundation. I did mine with layers of the lightest-colored foundation and powder. I noticed that Natalie Portman had uneven white powder puffs on her face. I suppose it makes the look more authentic so don’t stress too much about making an uber flawless tone.


2) Use black eyeliner to outline the edge of the wing. It should be long enough to appear like it is spreading wide open. (Don’t mind those two dots on my eyelid. That’s my birthmark :>)


3) The base should be bright enough to contrast the black outlines. Luckily, I found silver eyeliner in my kit, which I used to color the entire area from the bottom of the eyebrows to the upper lash line. For the final layer, I added a silver eye shadow to add more shimmer.


4) Use the darkest shade of black eyeliner to draw around your eyes. I did pointed tails on each side of my eye to create the illusion of sharper wings.

5) To form the feathers, draw thin black waves using liquid eyeliner. I used Maybelline ultra liner because it has a very thin brush. I deem it ideal as it makes creating fine lines a breeze.


6) Unleash your creativity by putting shadows and more black waves. In my case, I drew light strokes of black in between the waves to create depth.



I did all this while listening to dance music, so don’t be surprised to see uneven lines and waves.

It was fun though!

The whole experience kind of brought me back to my childhood days when I often took the liberty to use my face as a canvas to express my creativity.

Without further ado, come with me to the dark side as I celebrate Halloween as a disturbingly enigmatic black swan! Oh, and we have cookies! 😀


Got wings?


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