10 Days of Sugar Bliss

For every bite of scrumptious dessert, there is a guilty fat kid in you counting how many calories you must burn. Immediately after eating, you mentally scold yourself for yielding into temptation. ‘Why have I easily traded the jogging opportunity for a sinful trip to the pastry shop?’
With post-holiday flab weighing on your mind, you swore a day after New Year these three words: ‘no more desserts’.
But not even a week passed, you were already instagramming a box of J.Co donuts you got after queueing for two hours at Ayala Mall. Then at the last bite of that sugar-drizzled donut, you would give this worn-out excuse: ‘well, I’ll start running tomorrow.’ Which we all know has a 99.9% possibility of not happening.
I’ve been there. And I’m probably still there. Lol.
If you think I’m going to convince you to put on your gym clothes and work up those abs, you’d be disappointed. We are not on the same page because I’ve already decided to be less harsh on myself and give my sweet cravings another chance. hahaha!
So here I proudly present the desserts I merrily munched for 10 days straight. No guilt. No self-shaming. Just honoring our common passion for sweets!! Take a quick tour with me and let’s celebrate  the most gratifying desserts in Cebu City.
Day 1:

boom bites final

Day 2:

ice giants final

Day 3:

La Marea

Day 4:

brique final

Day 5:

They say when you’re full, you couldn’t ask for more. It follows that when I’ve had enough of my main meal, I should be able to let go of dessert. But these sweet delights made me greedy. Call it gluttony but I don’t think I’ve had enough of these goodies!

Day 6:

jco final

Day 7:

Day 8:

La Marea

Day 9:

La Marea

Day 10:

country basket 2

I can’t believe I’ve actually binged on sweets for 10 days straight! I don’t intend to make a pig of myself. But this is probably one of the best things I’ve ever done! 😀
When was the last time you challenged yourself to a dessert feast? Make sweet memories and cease counting sugars and carbs for 10 days. Only 10 awesome days. All for the love of sweets.

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