Rose-Colored Girl

For a person who has constantly failed at hair dyeing in the past, the idea scares me more than it excites me. Allow me to throw back my hair fail evolution. Violent reactions are not welcome here! 😂

Salon de rose_rose gold by loreal_throwback pictures_Ching Sadaya blog
Photos from previously bleached and colored hair using various products (Left: Ugly after-bleach blonde hair, Center: Attempted purple color 2 years ago…turned out brown!, Right: Attempted gray color years ago turned out a mix of gray and GREEN! Lawd save me!)

I have probably broken the record of trying all sorts of brands from the imported ones like Manic Panic to the substandard ones in Kaking. Name it, I’ve tried it. With a hair like an abandoned Troll, I decided to grow it back to its natural state. Just when I thought I’d never achieve the hair goals I’ve wanted for years, Salon de Rose introduced me to L’Oreal Paris Philippines and now the hair gods are in my favor.

Salon de rose_Ching Sadaya blog

Salon de Rose is one of the leading retailers in beauty care. With a collection of quality products, the best quality services, and highly trained staff, the salon has proven to be a good choice for hair coloring services. They recently launched new products not usual to the coloring process we are used to. The bleaching process used to be a gamble because it either sucks out all the life in your locks and leaves it brittled or if you’re lucky, your hair survives. And that’s just before the coloring phase, which is another brave battle.

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L’Oreal products are not new to Salon de Rose, since they have been around giving life to our majestic mane for years. In what I never imagined before, the best bleaching product I’ve tried so far didn’t leave my hair dead and brittled. I can even finger comb it! The photo below shows the effect of my three-time bleached hair.

It had to go through three rounds of bleaching (with the following results 1. Orange, 2. Yellow orange, 3. Golden yellow) to lighten my hair and achieve the hair color of choice. Each round will take around 1-2 hours of applying and rinsing every inch until it is light enough. As they say, patience is a virtue. Just look at the consistency of the color!

Salon de rose_rose gold by loreal paris ph_after bleaching_Ching Sadaya blog

The newest from L’Oreal Paris Philippines uses a smart bond to successfully absorb the color and produce a radiant hue, exactly shown on the catalogue. So after rinsing off the last bleach product, my hair was blow dried and brushed in preparation for the quick color application.

It didn’t take an hour to apply color layer by layer on my hair with the help of two hairstylists and their speedy skills. I noticed they have a certain technique to evenly apply the color, so it’s not just the product to consider, but the skill of who’s handling your hair.

Finally, I got the best surprise I’ve long waited for!

Salon de rose_rose gold by loreal paris ph_after coloring_Ching Sadaya blog
Tada! My Rose Gold hair looked amazing and I could say it was true quality grooming they did there.

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