Ramen Sora


Robinson’s Galleria Cebu has just opened their doors last November 2015 and among the few restaurants serving the public, all eyes are on Ramen Sora.

After gaining popularity for their signature ramen at their first branch in AS Fortuna, it was effortless for them to turn heads at Robinson’s!

A few weeks back, I finally set foot on the Japanese restaurant and boy was it worth the months of planning!

Talk about quality, their Ramen definitely tops the list as far as my taste buds have devoured any of its kind. I love that the ingredients don’t have to fight each other over the spotlight. There is enough of every ingredient, something I am quite particular with when trying widely talked-about meals.
Not only do they have strong and rich flavors, their serving size could feed two starving beasts! A meal worth your Php 335.


Since I was craving for rice as usual, I ordered their Pork Chashu Bowl. It was okay in terms of taste (ill leave that to you for judging.hihi). The meat wasn’t tough, you can tell whether your grilled pork is fresh or not. Thumbs up to them for proving the former! Lastly, the serving size justifies the price! You know how persuading that sounds! 😉


Don’t leave the restaurant without trying their sushi!!!! I need not say anything more! Just look at thaaaaaaaat (leftmost)!!!


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Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10:00 – 23:00
Email: subic@ramensora.com.ph
Website: http://ramensora.com.ph/
Store location: Lightsite Parc, A.S. Fortuna Cebu and Robinson’s Galleria Cebu