Pastry Making with Chef Benoit of Waterfront


Last March 5, 2016 marks another notable achievement in my life simply because I have gotten my hands dirty for a good reason!! Chef Benoit of Waterfront Cebu held his first pastry making workshop and I was one of the lucky ones to learn the basics of making two popular desserts here. A list of ingredients, tips from Chef Benoit, an extreeeemely messy table, and you have a jar of mouthwatering Tiramisu and Choco Truffles!


Toni of, Jean of and I got really messy but we managed to keep smiling like we weren’t struggling! LOL

baking with chef benoit waterfront ching sadaya IMG_9599 IMG_9620
A messy table is proof that you had an epic time! 😛

baking with chef benoit waterfront ching sadaya 1

CFB represent with Chef Benoit with our finished products!!

Here’s a glimpse of Chef Ching in the making!!! 😛 Oh and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel 😉

I’d like to acknowledge Bea Evardone and Arnel of Waterfront Cebu for having us. You guys certainly know how to give us a helluva time!! ^_^

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