Parkmall Welcomes You to The Warehouse: Enter at Your Own Risk

What would you do if people dared you to enter an abandoned warehouse? It seems impossible especially knowing it’s haunted! If you ask me, I’ve been inside the scariest warehouse long before I wrote this blog. You can guess I have no more pulse, and I’m also missing half of my face if you’re wondering.

It started out as a dare. Issa, Glenn and I loved the idea to try something new and spooky so we took a live video while exploring the warehouse.

Parkmall Cebu - The Warehouse Horror Booth 3 - Ching Sadaya blog
Parkmall Cebu - The Warehouse Horror Booth 4 - Ching Sadaya blog

A few steps inside and I can already feel goosebumps all over my body. I could tell someone was watching us. Glenn, who went off to a different direction was confronted by this otherwordly being. It became more frightening than exciting.

Parkmall Cebu - The Warehouse Horror Booth 11 - Ching Sadaya blog
Parkmall Cebu - The Warehouse Horror Booth 8 - Ching Sadaya blog

When I heard Glenn scream, I knew it was all a bad idea. Then this happened. It was my turn.

You’ve probably seen the live video posted on social media where we showed you a few parts of the warehouse. One thing you should know is that this place is full of unimaginably horrifying activity that’s worth the thrill. It would be a great idea if you could go check it out yourself and bring your friends!!!!

Something is out there and we want you to take the challenge! Look for Parkmall’s Warehouse horror booth at the 2nd floor, beside Nokinocs Savory House.

I am also giving away 4 VIP tickets to the must-visit warehouse, so stay connected through my Facebook, twitter and Instagram pages!