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Warning: emotional tumblr-inspired pathetic poetry ahead. Read at your own risk!

I am a product of endless imaginations, daydreams, late night thoughts, deep desire of artistry—but also the undesirable things—-a paranoid mind and an exceedingly high expectation on temporary things.

This very moment marks a significant realization that change is certainly inevitable. One thing should be pinned in my head from this day forward, When reality smacks you in the face, wake up and carry on. This morning I realized that I have lesser people to count on. I am constantly forgetting the value of my own life because I dwell on misconceptions. But hell no! It’s the year 2016 and there is no time to sit in the corner of my room and cry like a little bitch coz I don’t daydream about flying unicorns for nothing! What’s the point of “doing what you love” if your footsteps lead to uncommitted people? (I’m surprised you’re still reading)


Nominal. A Silent Promise of Beauty.

It was such a moment of freedom and power to stand on a rooftop, giving such comfort to the soul. I guess I needed that; but it wasn’t just an afternoon trip to the rooftop. Behind these pictures reflects a passionate photographer who imparts wise remarks on beauty. I am deeply honored and thankful to be part of this project by Gail Geriane. In light of all the self-doubt and distress, I am reminded of the meaningful beauty in every insecurity. Here is what photographer, Gail has to say about her photo exhibit, Nominal:

“Beauty. That is what I try to capture. Beauty in its most elusive form, the one that disguises itself in the doubt and reservations of its beholder. Beauty, the idea that it can come from anyone no matter how cliché it seems. I hold it true. And with my lens, today, I hold it as a promise.”

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What I wore:

Top: Topshop

Vintage checkered pants: United Colors of Benetton

Black coat and booties: F21