Mom Jeans


The Fashion Victim

My passion for style did not start just recently. When I was still a little nosy devil, my curiosity revolved around these flowy dresses, huge shoulder pads and 4-storey platform shoes that as soon as my mom went out of the house, I would rush to her closet to try on her long jumper dress and match it with black high pointed heels. With my height, the full body jumper would drag on the floor, and walking without stepping on the extra fabric was a moment of luck. Not a good one for me. Just three steps down our long staircase, I found myself rolling down like a heavy bowling ball. BANG! My forehead suddenly hit the wooden wall at the bottom. That’s how I got my huge bump in the head. 17 years later, I still sneak into my mom’s closet.

Maybe that’s how my fashion aspirations started. It’s still clear in my mind. But I couldn’t remember how I took notice of the mom jeans. I just knew it was some fashion of the ‘90s. And this year, I pay tribute to those years that I used to think mom’s clothes fit me perfectly, by wearing the now trendy MOM JEANS.

What better way to acknowledge the comeback than pairing it with similarly old-fashioned crop tee and oxford shoes? Accessorize it with a layered necklace and black round shades. I know! There goes my obsession of vintage again. But allow me to reminisce the past with a touch of my modern loves: shades of burgundy and a black chain sling side bag.



Bag- WWW

Full outfit – F21

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