Head On



This is by far the hardest blogpost to write. I’m not sure if it’s because Marco is in the pictures with me and I feel obliged to say something about us or it’s just the usual writer’s block (for the first time I wish it was the latter). I don’t want to start talking about my love-hate relationship with this guy either because no one wants to read a 40,000-page article! I think it’ll be more exciting to turn to a different angle of the story like how I convinced him to pose with me for the first time for an OOTD post. He’s camera shy, by the way, so you can just imagine how accomplished I felt. Hah! *lifts both hands in the air* [Dear Marco, If you’re reading this, thanks for giving in to my ideas! Forget that I owe you dinner at Uno restaurant! :P]
As much as Marco and I have our differences, we both share as much similarities, particularly the love of basics. We go by the basic rules in keeping our relationship going so it’s no surprise we refer to the same book in terms of fashion. Being lovers of minimalism, a basic top can stay in the front row of our wardrobe for years. Let’s turn the spotlight to Marco who has made a style upgrade on his fashion a year ago. He vowed to buy just plain everything from tees to shorts to shoes with colors that complement each other. Good for him, mixing and matching everyday clothes won’t ever be in his worry list. Same is applicable to his caps. Marco’s cap collection is planned well enough to match any outfit he wears. He seems like he no longer needs hair because of his obsession with this fashion staple. Lol. By the time New Era arrived in Cebu, we both made our most clever picks by choosing the ones we can still use when we’re wrinkly and old and walking in our garden, talking about how I used to blog about him. Hahahaha We’ll see in 50 years! These NY caps are high quality and timeless. Just perfect for anyone with the purpose of facing the trials of fashion head on!


What we wore:


Purple tshirt – Bershka

Brown chino shorts – H&M

Navy blue canvas shoes – Vans Authentic gum sole “INDIA INK”

New York cap – New Era


Army green sleeveless bodysuit – Pull & Bear

Army green jacket – Penshoppe

Blue mom jeans – Copper

White sneakers – Converse

New York Yankees cap – New Era

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