JCtI89P3oozvmaAvUyI-QQzX3GtVj2LHuB3_RZYDXUs,EO5MIv2H_aldZLxOPVcGFmefkenmj9dxXShGc-zTC_4“Ugh, as if!”

That’s exactly what I would randomly express to my siblings and schoolmates back in gradeschool. I could still remember that time when our generation went instantly influenced by this romantic comedy movie. Girls wanted to dress like Cher and have a bestfriend like Dionne who is as fashionable as her. It’s all been extremely nostalgic for me, primarily because it’s been 20 years since the movie came out! What a cool way to celebrate childhood memories, old school films and of course, the popular matching plaid outfits!

Talk about plaid! it’s pretty obvious where I got my outfit inspiration from. Not only do I confess my forever obsession with checkered, I feel complete now that I’ve finally thrown back a childhood influence into my OOTD! So here’s my take on a top + bottom tartan outfit.

clueless_ootd_ching_sadaya_blogPJJBDdNVQEppe58Oudblwlmu6XQWdC0_I0Vdjv0UI-Y,SeGItv9JVtO7Ux6CWXG9m68qhKfUpJvZwD5rx7ge8hQ Reb7b2l16ZJ0WASzrbqREPahQuc2H5CdSlf_DFdkWOw,FP5TdLxWkJBYN5xzRXbDOFInI3Hsfggy6MuO5TVIMwkt6tixnZEJlXZNyy7SJR-rLkV5l0zsSAKp0SnRzotDUs,l7wBmmjM_o3B3leU22lSq07Il1hQez0zTOMlHK_L3Tw

Everything went to script after I found just the right top to emphasize the tartan prints. And to keep the outfit old school, my brown step-in oxford and white side bag complete the theme effortlessly.


“Do you prefer ‘fashion victim’ or ‘ensembly challenged?’”

Photography by: Marianne Dungog

What I wore:

Inner top and bottom – F21
Plaid blazer – stolen from Grandma
Oxford shoes – Janylin
Bag and watch – given

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