Breaking a Record for the Love of Fashion



There are those days in a girl’s life when she has to make the truly challenging decision of ditching an old shirt or keeping it.

As I explored the interesting and always fun world of fashion, I discovered you can turn something old into something totally cool, funky and yes, new!

Itching to do something creative, I scoured the engrossing recesses of cyberspace in search of inspiration to turn my old top into something totally new.

Here’s where my savvy researching skills took me and see if you can pull this off like I did!


Behold the art of breaking a record all for the love of fashion!


Grab an old CD you are willing to break. I chose one of those highschool RnB song compilations, which still has Nelly songs in it. Sorry Nelly!  😀



Choose a top you think can use a little glitter up. This one’s a dull blue denim blouse, something I’d wear when I’m feeling all “emo” (which is never, actually.)



Then of course, BREAK THE RECORD!



*Make sure the shiny part is facing the cloth so it won’t get scratches when hammered.

I’m sorry if you have to be a little brutal here.  If you want to do it the safe way, you can boil the CD and once it softens, you can easily cut it into pieces. 🙂

Once you have the broken pieces, arrange them on the collar of your top, according to how you see fit.   Of course, this will depend on the design you want to pull off. Unleash your creativity. Just don’t go crazy though.



Use mighty bond to stick the pieces on your chosen top.



After everything has been glued according to the design you have in mind, wear it like a boss!




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