Art Inspiration: Geraldine Sy

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Art Inspiration is a series on my blog that features talented individuals who create incredible works of art on a regular basis. It aims to acknowledge local talent and recognize their inspirations that drive them to express themselves and make remarkably heart-warming, soul-satisfying masterpieces.

The month of May was interrupted by elections and a seemingly endless debate of who should be president, but to finally introduce my next featured artist for June is just worth the wait. Geraldine Sy, who currently works for various clients around the world and is also a regular illustrator in the local papers particularly SunStar, has proven her talent in the artistic illustrations published daily. Besides the mesmerizing construction of colorful digital art she has done for the newspaper’s increased visual appeal, her artwork has graced magazines, online websites and been featured countless times. Some of her features include Photoshop, Society 6 and everyone’s favorite, Berlin ArtParasites; All of which currently with thousands to millions of followers and readers. Who would ignore such talent? Get to know her even more in this month’s feature!

Art inspiration - geraldine sy portrait - ching sadaya website

Name: Geraldine Sy
Age: 24
Profession/Specialization: Illustration and Design
Years of experience: 3+ years
School: CIT-U

Tell us about you and your art:

I am an illustrator, and I started illustrating as a profession since 2013. My work is usually for print goods such as books and magazines, but I’ve also done drawings for brands and advertising. I have a deep appreciation for anything print. Reading books have always been something that i enjoy doing, so it makes sense for me to create something out of it and for it. My stuff is frequently inspired by a piece of writing or literature.

geraldine sy - an ominous tree - ching sadaya website
Geraldine’s piece for the BOTANICA show at Light Grey Art Lab

When and how did your artistic journey start?

Like most artists, I started drawing since I was a child. It was something that I’ve always enjoyed doing. I was lucky to be employed by a publishing company, so I get to draw a lot. It’s not an easy career to thrive on, and it takes twice the hard work to earn recognition, appreciation and money for your art. So now I am here, hustling my butt off. The journey is still in progress, and I hope to reach my destination someday.

illustration for Weekend magazine. Titled You Cant Run Away from the Sea - ching sadaya website
Illustration for Weekend magazine titled “You Cant Run Away from the Sea”

What/Who keeps you inspired?

Other artists around the world keep me motivated and on my toes. I’m quite a competitive person, so when I see a really good artist out there, I try to be as good as them.

Describe your creative space.

My creative space consists of a computer and a tablet. I also have a lot of paper by my side so I can sketch my ideas. Internet is also very important, haha.

As featured on Society 6‘s 6 pack

How do you get back to your creative zone when you hit creative block?

I wish I could tell you a surefire way of getting rid of creative blocks forever. Unfortunately there isn’t a cure all for this, so what may work one time may not work the next. At least this is true for me. But what usually helps to clear my head is: exercising, running, travelling and sleeping.

c213929081611.560c8275a6071An illustration about bullying

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

One time my toenail was ripped right off by a door. It was bloody and messy and painful. I had to walk around with a bandaged toe for weeks. Eventually the nail grew back bit by bit, but it looked really gnarly and gross. The take away is: Always make sure that your feet will not get hit when you open a really heavy door. My toenails look completely normal now by the way. Thank God.

Is there another creative pursuit you wish to pursue?

Animating is so rad. I’ve been trying to really master the skill, but it’s tough.

geraldine sy - ching sadaya website

What advice can you give to aspiring artists?

Hi Artists. I’m gonna give you some advice I read over in the World Wide Web. It’s from an article called “12 Pieces Of Advice For Artists More Practical Than ‘Follow Your Heart’” from I think most of it is good advice, so I’ll relay it to you (caveat: advice no.10 is bull. I think it’s better to get a creative day job. Think about the contacts! As long as you can still do your own creative activities, it’s fine).
This one is from the article: “Gain perspective by observing your practice amongst a field of others…” In my own opinion it’s good to have an accurate assessment of your skills. It’s important to recognize and accept that your work might not be very good, so you can recalibrate and improve yourself accordingly.

photoshop 25 under 25 geraldine sy - ching sadaya website
Geraldine’s artwork, which was featured on Photoshop’s 25 under 25 for PS’s 25th anniversary

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