Advantages of Doodling: Why You should Do It In Class

I doodled in class. A lot.

Back in highschool, I couldn’t look at my teacher for more than five seconds. Maybe I was daydreaming. Or when my mind wasn’t busy wandering.. I was either making rag dolls or idly scribbling something on a paper.

This distraction-seeking habit of mine was never intentional. Despite that, I was still the most wanted student of our disciplinary council. I had probably been the teacher’s pest.



So, I doodled. (And I still do.)

Trust me when I say it has helped me focus.

After all, it was better to write random shapes and lines on a piece of paper rather than show gestures of approval to my teacher. Back then, this behavior was deemed as ‘zoning out’, which kept me… well, ‘misunderstood’.

But I didn’t mind that they had misconstrued my actions. Deep inside, I knew how ‘doodling’ helped sharpen my learning skills.



Everything you thought you knew about doodling could be wrong

If you think doodling divides your attention, I believe you are misguided or mistaken. Yes, this act could get you in a minor trouble but forgetting your lessons isn’t one of them. The reverse is true. In fact, here are some benefits of doodling, backed by science.



1. Doodling helps you remember.
Instead of daydreaming during a class discussion, grab a pen and start doodling. It has proven to help your mind register and retain relevant details. In fact, a study in 2009 at the University of Plymouth found that participants who doodled during a phone call recalled 29 percent more than those who didn’t doodle. *mind blown*



2. Scribbling allows you to focus.
The art of scribbling on a paper offers more than just unleashing your creativity. Surprisingly, it stops your mind from wandering elsewhere. While doing something boring can easily disrupt your focus, it is safe to draw on a blank piece of paper. It may keep you engaged without losing focus on your surroundings.



3. Sketching helps you solve problems easily.
Drawing is an exercise of our neurons. The act fires up our neurons, helping them form new and varied angles from a set of data. When drawing, we activate different parts of our brain, which allows us to solve complex problems. So, the next time you encounter a difficulty, try doodling. It will let your creative juices flow and you will arrive at a brilliant solution. The simple act will push your mind to think deeper. (How cool is that?)





Bottomline: There is definitely no way you should feel guilty about what you do in class if it

is as good as doodling. So, are you fellow doodler?

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