The Net Bag: When Style Meets Sustainability

For a while now, I’ve been struggling with my inner “socially responsible” self. I cringe at the sight of plastic pollution and yet my lifestyle doesn’t seem to counteract the issue. I find it hard to completely get rid of plastic because we are so stuck in the standard use of it as food/beverage and grocery packaging, etc. that we forget the eco-friendly ways that are pretty much easy to adopt in the first place. Now that we’ve reached global warming (wow, there is such a thing!), I feel anxious every time someone hands over a straw or wraps my lunch with a plastic bag when I know there are eco-friendly alternatives. Surely I’m not a fully-fledged/certified eco warrior. I’m still learning the ropes and I like to take it one step at a time, starting with a reusable bag.

Introducing the eco mesh bag from Cara Cebu. *screams internally*

I’ve been looking around for this specific net tote for the longest time and I couldn’t settle for the overpriced ones from malls. Good thing this one here costs only Php 220! Yes, going green is not expensive. The reason I’m obsessed with it is firstly because I figured it was the best and easiest way to start saying no to plastic. Second, it’s fashionable. Consumers as we are, purchasing basic needs happens almost every day and I think keeping a spare bag you can easily bring is just the right replacement for plastic. More so, not having to ruin your planned outfit of the day! The flexible mesh makes this piece of item convenient as you can fold it, twist it and stuff it into your pocket or bag when not in use. Spend your regular work days in your corporate suit, finely tailored while carrying a net bag with your lunch and some fruits; or go on your day off in a floral dress while you carry your groceries in the eco mesh tote, looking all cute. That’s when style meets sustainability.

This thing has served me well. I hope it does the same to you!