Orange Knows No Season

orange - ching sadaya website ootd at shangrila

I used to love orange. I also used to hate it. (bipolar much?) To give a logical explanation of my love-hate relationship with orange, I believe it depends on the shade of the matter. Unlike black, whose shade can’t get any lighter or darker (so you can only either love or hate it), orange is among the secondary colors with an endless line of shades. I may loathe all over neon orange yet french kiss everything that’s burnt orange. This means anyone can be capable of loving and hating orange at the same time. I’m not that bipolar after all! 😀

orange - ching sadaya website ootd top shotorange - ching sadaya website ootd collage

Talk about colors in fashion, if there is anything that looks good in burnt orange, coordinates are definitely in the lead! I like how my outfit suggests a sunny afternoon date but I’d still wear it on any cold winter day because the combination of crop top and culottes in burnt orange knows no season.

What I wore:

Crop top and Cullotes coordinates – Liberté

Black shoes – Topshop

Silver rings – Bershka

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