Abaca Baking Company Opens 9th Branch

I always believe in the saying, “Success begins with the motivation to do things driven by good food and great coffee”— a quote I actually made for myself 😂. Unsurprisingly, it worked for days that felt like I needed a little push! When Abaca Baking Company opened their 9th branch in Robinsons Galleria Cebu, I felt closer to a finished project, a successful meeting and even a productive me-time.

Abaca Baking Company is a locally grown concept by The Abaca Group who also owns and operates Abaca Boutique Resort + Restaurant, Luncheonette, Maya, Phat Pho, Red Lizard, Tavolata, and the soon-to-open Reef Hotel.

ABC offers an exceptional menu that I always turn to whenever I crave for artisanal pastries or the regular coffee cravings. Not to mention their ambient interiors and amazing customer service! All of these things combined is the kind of comfort I look for in times of stress.

If you’re all about freshly made  pastries, ABC makes their pastries in-house every morning with 100% unbleached flour, which assures flavorful goodness in every bite. That’s another reason to love this place! I always recommend having breakfast at Abaca because of their best-sellers such as the ABC Skillet Breakfast, Hand rolled bagels with cream cheese, fresh fruit tart, Trailer park breakfast and sandwiches that could get you up and about throughout the day! But if you’re like me, who considers breakfast food as a good choice for afternoon meetings or dinner, then you might find yourself having these menu specials any time of the day!

Next time you need a little more motivation to work or a place to treat yourself, Abaca certainly knows how to delight you.