5 Things You Should Do Before the Year Ends

Time may have flown too fast this year, and instead of being too excited for the holidays, we tend to be more anxious about our last days of 2017. If you aren’t sure whether to scream in panic or be nonchalant, strolling through the new year with no plans, it’s safe to take these “tips” with you. At least we can all feel like a pro at life, regardless of our inner doubts!

Disclaimer: This is in no way, an attempt at dictating what you should do with your life. Follow as you please. 😀

1. Do charity work

“Think of giving not as a duty, but as a privilege.”- John D. Rockefeller Jr.

That’s a quote from The Giving Journal 2017. Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has always been a catalyst of charity through its ongoing support to Real LIFE Foundation in providing education to the less fortunate kids. For the past two years, I have shared the benefits and facts about The Giving Journal’s advocacy and being able to take part in it has always been an honor. Two incredible tools: coffee and charity, fused together for a great cause has enabled a wider reach of individuals and you can be a part of it too!

2. Get a planner

This is one of the most basic things we love to acquire as we bid the year goodbye. It has also become a craze, especially for coffee lovers who collect stickers to claim their favorite coffee shop’s planner. The Coffee Bean never misses a year of helping us all put our life together. The 2018 Giving Journal puts us all in a good position for the new year with their well-organized journal. In a unique way, they let us share our month’s realizations, track our health and even list down the things we are grateful for! If that’s not something to help you stay on track throughout the year, I don’t know what will! So yes, you should get a planner before the year ends. To help you with that, you can join my Facebook giveaway for a chance to get yours for free!

3. Spend time alone

The Christmas Season has always been the season for reunions, Christmas parties and forcing yourself into crowded places where all the SALE is happening. Just as it’s important to accomplish your obligations, spending time alone should be a consideration. I usually do this to realign my priorities and make sure I don’t get too caught up in the crazy parties. I like to spend nights getting cozy by the Christmas tree with nothing but a cup of hot chocolate and my planner, or take a day off to the salon for a makeover and some pampering. How do you want to spend your alone-time?

4. Tick off at least one more item on your bucket list

It might be impossible to book a ticket to Maldives at this last minute. That’s not entirely the case. You probably have a minor wishlist such as going camping far away from civilization or trying the spiciest food in town (talk about the trendy Samyang spicy noodle challenge!). It can go as crazy as you can imagine. The idea is to feel quite accomplished while closing the year.

5. Complete your to-do list

Not to be a killjoy, but there’s nothing more fulfilling than finishing all your tasks and leaving no post-its on your desk. I reckon it’s like leaving all the bad vibes behind while opening the new year! It’s great to welcome 2018 refreshed knowing there are no lingering voices in your head reminding you of your obligations. This is me telling you to stay woke and complete that damn list coz you iz tha mutha…fckin….shit!


Completing this list certainly makes a good curtain call for 2017. But then again, who am I to tell you what to do with your life?