3 Ways to Wear a Denim Jacket

We all have that favorite garment we tend to overuse like a school uniform.

Well, I don’t want to admit it but I’m way too attached to this garment that throwing it to the laundry basket gives me separation anxiety. At least for a denim jacket, it’s reasonable!

Thank goodness it’s the cold season. Less sweating. More Jackets. And I get to use them for one week straight without needing a wash day. Awesome!#$%^$#@#

Now, let’s get our denim business straight! Here are three outfits I choose to wear with the much-loved jacket.

  1. Vintage Tee
    Whoever invented vintage shirts should be my bestfriend. It’s weird that I dream about having the biggest vintage tee collection. And I’m not even done yet. Vintage tees are obviously a favorite of mine. It is becoming an everlasting style just like the classic fashion from the 20th century. With a lot of these styles making a comeback, there is no way you’re not pairing it with a vintage garment as well. Thus, The denim jacket over a vintage tee.

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  1. Black and White
    As much as I love to be in color, I have equal feelings for black and white too! The fashion industry is bursting with these shades, and it’s impossible for you not to have these basic essentials in your closet. I choose the plain white tee and high-waist black jeans for a simple yet chic look. When donning this combo, there’s no way you ain’t having a good day!

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  1. Shirt Dress
    In this outfit, I actually improvised an oversized polo. Something like a boyfriend shirt you can easily slip into. Grab a shirt dress or any polo from your boyfriend/dad/bro and make a dress of it. It’s something I would recommend during lazy days and you have to go out. You’ll no longer have to take much time in pairing tops and bottoms. Just grab a nice beanie and leather boots. Wear your denim jacket over your polo. Easy grunge outfit is ready to take off!

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A denim jacket is a versatile garment – it’s destined to be every woman’s perennial favorite. You can probably make a month-long list of outfits that look good with it. These are just three ensembles you can start with. Let me see your picks for the rest of the week and please do post it and tag me! 😀

[A big THANK YOU to my photographer Marco Muñoz 😀 ]

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